Race Recap! 🫠 (And a pretty big thank you post to start off the season.)

We unloaded with the same setup we ran a couple years ago, and boy was that a mistake.

Started 4th in the heat and finished last after not being able to get the car to turn at all. This put us last to start the A-main.

Went out starting 17th with some changes and gained 10 spots to finish 7th after an absolute glorious race after halfway with Matt Jenner. I felt like I could run top 5 easily but couldn’t figure it out between cautions and the end. The speed is there, driver just has to figure some things out.

We unloaded everything this morning and got the car cleaned up and fixed our issues (hopefully) for this next weekend.

Yuge thanks to everyone that gets this car to the track. It sucks to have missed so much time over the years racing, but catching up in life is starting to pay off. Thanks to Jeremy Means and the Sunset Speedway staff for adding us to this weekend, it was a blast. Not sure how I feel about other added days, but we’ll figure out a way to make it. 🤣

Shoutout to my brother Bryan Day and Amanda McCullough for deciding to come out last minute to support us. Without him there, I would have sucked in the main as his changes we brainstormed ultimately helped most. Thank you!!!

Of course, thank you to my wife for everything as she drops what we normally do for fun for race season, and it looks like we’ll finally get a full one in as long as nothing major happens. 😀 Also, thank you mom Winn Day for always supporting us and making sure we are good to go when we need it.

Glad to have a new buddy out to help as well for the first time and figure things out. Seems like the family enjoyed it, hopefully we all have new fans to join in on the racing fun.

Thanks to everyone at 3unit.ca, Drager Performance , Jerry Buesig, and Willy’s Genuine Auto Detail for the help and support whenever we need.

All three 3unit.ca cars will be racing this next weekend at their respective tracks. Hoping for some great finishes 😉.