Got to drive this bad boy tonight and had some fun figuring it out throughout the night.

Car ran a little rough and had some issue with that to stay consistent, but overall was a great night. Car is stupid fast when it can get cleared out and rolling down the track.

Halfway through the main going into turn 3 the engine cut out a little bit and we jumped the cushion that was in the middle and tagged the wall. Pulled er off thinking the deck was destroyed but I guess the thing is built different because it was absolutely fine. Thank God.

YUGE thank you to my brother and Amanda McCullough for taking time out of their lives to get their car and trailer ready the last few days and bring it out so I could run it and get points and keep our streak going for the year. Glad I could shake those cobwebs off and help get some things figured out to hopefully get them out there soon.

No GoPro footage this week unfortunately.

Hope to see you all on the 12th for the big’n!