The night started off looking over the track after mud pack and boy were we happy when the clouds decided to grace us with their presence to keep the track wet. 😃 Made for the track to rip up a bit and be a little rough but also have a great 3 and 4 corner to throw the car into and have a ton of fun.

Heat race: Started on pole, got passed by Greg Walters and tried following him to learn 1 and 2, when we got completely railed from behind in 3 and 4 and spun around. CRAIG! 😜 Quickly realized he had made an error and we were all good. Restarted and made it back to 2nd before Craig passed us at the end to finish 3rd.

Fixed up the quarter panel so it didn’t rub the RR tire and got ready for the main.

A-Main: Started pole again and same thing. Drove away until a restart where Walters got around us in 1 and 2, as well as Craig a couple laps later, and was running a comfortable 3rd trying to get more consistent in turns 1 and 2. Everything was going great until it wasn’t great anymore. Coming out of 4 with under 10 to go, I heard things smacking things they shouldn’t have been touching. At first thought it was a flat RR, to then being told the rearend was all over the place on the raceceiver.

J-bar bolt sheared in half and decided it was done working. Everything shifted left and driveshaft tried making its way into the cockpit. Seemed we were lucky to just tear up some cockpit sheet metal and bend some heims, but we would have to look it over after unloading on Sunday.

Unloaded the car and took panels off to assess the damage to realize we have some more broken things than we originally seen (of course, we were diggin when it broke).

The car is getting looked over and hopefully it isn’t too bad, but there were definitely some things being yanked on in ways it shouldn’t be and things on the rearend are bent more than they should be.

Probably done for the year, probably not? We will see. We are so close to 2nd in points after this weekend and the 2nd place driver not showing, that we could maybe get there to just run around and get points this weekend, but we will have to wait and see how bad things are. We have some options but will wait to assess the damage.

Thank you to everyone for their support throughout this year and to Craig Cassell for being a stand-up guy after what happened in the heat race. Shit happens in racing and it was obvious things just happened in that situation and we appreciate him for his honesty and help afterwards unlike some other situations we’ve been in this year with others.

We will keep you all updated on how things are going throughout the week.