Ordered a new birdcage that finally came in Friday. Been running some cages from 2004-06 that don’t even use bearings and had the car way off measurements and was ruining expensive stuff, so we decided it’d be a fun time to change it and try to make it happen for Saturday to test before some big races coming up in the next couple months.

Started the heat race race 4th, finished 2nd. Car turned very nicely but had no drive so back on the stands it went to make more adjustments.

For the main, the car was much better but still lacked some of the drive we had before with the old birdcage, but didn’t break those important parts!

Started 6th and the race was just a cluster fuck. Entire field got caught up in chaos on a restart which got us up to 3rd but got out of rhythm and bent some shit on the RF after being driven into the wall on the following start. Luckily the rim had just enough to hold air for the remainder of the race and we finished 6th.

As we’ve said many times this year, the group we race with each and every week is amazing to race against. We just lost some brain cells last night apparently. You would have thought our race was for $2,500. Fortunately, our damage is minor so far. Others definitely didn’t fare so well.

FINALLY have a week off which will help us tremendously and catch up on things.

Thanks to all who support us. Big thanks to my mom who’s here visiting and helping out. Also thanks to Jeremy Means for the like contest and comping our entry.

Lastly, yuge thank you to my wife for everything she does. She has now put up with me for 12 years, 7 of em married today. Happy Anniversary, Alanna Day-Wood!!

Sunset Speedway Track Points

(points through 6/10)

1Craig Cassell238
2Matt Jenner217
3David Day201
4Kristi Somers195
5Jacob Walters183
6Trevor LaBarge177
7Donald Jenner166
8Carter Patterson148
9Dan Sheller143
10Mike Sweere130
11Todd Newton113
12John Gaynor100
13Greg Walters96
14Stephen Kaptur93
15Kenny Miller71
16Bradley Martin39
17Tyson Blood38
18Aaron Elwess37
19Robert Jenner34
20Paul Culp32

IMCA State Points – Oregon

(points through 6/10)

1Carter Patterson323
2Craig Cassell276
3Paul Culp272
4Mike Sweere230
5Matt Jenner217
6Trevor LaBarge207
7Dan Sheller206
8David Day201
9Kristi Somers195
10Jacob Walters183
11Albert Gill179
12Kenny Miller167
13Donald Jenner166
14John Player159
15Grey Ferrando158
16James Anderson155
17Jake Mayden152
18Jeffrey Hudson145
19Curtis Towns142
19Ryan Peery142