4th of July Race Recap!

The heats went how we expected, fast from the last time we loaded car. Could tell it was going to be a bit loose later in the night so made a few changes, but nothing crazy.

Made the dash unexpectedly as we usually just use hot laps for feeling the car out. That was cool. Started pole, got 3rd. Car seemed way looser in a small amount of time than anticipated. For some reason the car after that race felt like the entire front end was going to fall apart so we were trying to diagnose that for the main. Nothing seemed off or out of whack, so made sure we were good on wheel torque and went out.

Started 3rd for the main and just sucked. I was bad, really bad. Car did the front end wobble a couple times but nothing crazy and didn’t really affect anything. Engine sounds a little pissed off, so luckily we have a couple weeks to look into that. Hopefully just a few maintenance things for that issue.

Overall, I myself just sucked. Looking back at videos from in car and in stands I was just bad. I’ll fix that for the July 22nd race.

Thank you to everyone that came and seen us in the pits before and after the races, and to all of our supporters and sponsors.

See you all at the next one! 😎