Recap: Sunset Speedway 6/24/2023 – Speedweek Finale

Well, the speedweek curse bit us again. The part that sucks the most is it affects our top 3 points run for the track when someone else decides they want to just dump someone out of the way when they realize they can’t get around them clean. It’ll be another one to remember and take care of another day.

The car was phenomenal after completely redoing the rearend and putting an actual dirt setup in vs an asphalt set. We realized some things were backwards when transferred from old car and that’s a mistake I’ll own up to. The best part of that? We made it work for 6 races in a row.

Want to thank Andrew Olsen for the pit spot again. Was awesome to not have to worry about that after the 2 weeks we’ve all had.

Thank you to all of our supporters and to each and every single person that makes this thing go. We definitely could use some help with a sponsor for fuel/entry fees/or whatever, so if you know anyone, send them our way 😉.

Next race is the 4th of July back at Sunset Speedway. See you all there!

1Craig Cassell273
2Matt Jenner244
3David Day214
4Jacob Walters197
5Kristi Somers195
6Trevor LaBarge177
7Carter Patterson176
8Donald Jenner166
9Dan Sheller143
10Mike Sweere142
11Todd Newton113
12John Gaynor100
13Greg Walters96
14Stephen Kaptur93
15Aaron Elwess75
16Kenny Miller71
17Bradley Martin70
18Jeff Lovell59
19Paul Culp48
20Ted Rees46