Race Recap: Fan Appreciation Night: Struggles

Race Recap!

First of all, huge thanks to Mike Graham at Perfection Automotive for being around for us when we made a last minute decision to run this weekend.

Thursday we looked over everything and got things ready for testing some oil pressure gauges and found the new stepper gauge is faulty, or maybe the sender. We’ll look into it deeper the next few weeks we have off.

Made it to the track and was very hopeful the track would stay heavy as it was in hot laps; however, it did not. Made some changes and just couldn’t get it right and sucked big time in the main. Huge apology to Chaz Wilder for getting into him off 4 and damaging the RR quarter panel. Completely messed up and just couldn’t get my head right after.

We love running against all the guys that were there and even though we didn’t take anyone out, getting into his panel was just dumb. Went back and watched our replay and confirmed I just flat out sucked.

As we can’t get to the track for a month or so, we plan to go through everything and try some different things to get this thing going back in the right direction.

Had fun during the fan appreciation period of the night, and we have some glorious ideas for the next one. Shoutout to Alanna Day-Wood for making those goodie bags on the fly. 😀